Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Headache and Spine

In my experience, many headache sufferers present to our office with a common finding. Although age, gender, prior history and a ton of other areas do play a roll, the one common finding is less obvious. The one common finding headache sufferers tend to present with is changes in the proper position / motion of the bones of the neck. 

- This shows many of the nerves associated with the neck

- This shows many of the muscles and blood vessels associated with the neck.

- Appreciate how poor spinal position  of the bones could irritate nerves.

While the anatomy is complex, the concept is simple. Correct the spine, remove nerve interference and let the body heal.

Looking for headache relief? We have answers.

 Richard H. Crokn, DC

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Headache Relief in Portland

A woman came into the office recently wearing glasses so dark they could be used for welding. She was quiet and obviously experiencing some sort of issue. Her headache had been constant for 15 days and she was "done."

As always, we chatted for a bit to give me an idea of what was happening. She provided the details and we got started on determining just what was causing her persistent, debilitating headache. 

I found one of her pupils was markedly larger than the other. This could be due to common genetic causes, some sort of brain / brain stem problem or other nervous system issue. We determined her "fight or flight" system was raging out of control; what could be called "Sympathetic Escape."  

The brain has an amazing ability to regulate it's own output. If something interrupts the regulatory process, the system can spin out of control. Our patient had "tweaked" her back three weeks prior in the garden and did not make the connection. You see, the mid back area is the part of the spine that drives the "flight of fight" response. This is the response that causes increased heart rate, sweating and yes, dilation of the eyes. 

In her case, one eye received FAR more visual input because it was dilated. This unequal visual input pushed her system beyond it's ability to regulate. The result? Constant headache!

Because Fox Chiropractic understands how the system works, we were able to provide the appropriate care to resolve the complaint. Score for our patient and for Chiropractic!

There is a difference. 


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Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Dentist

A dental assistant came in a few weeks ago with SCREAMING shoulder pain greatly affecting  her ability to work. She had suffered no trauma so we took x-rays and found a nasty reversed curve in her neck. I set out the recommendations and we got to work.

It's been 3 weeks, her pain is almost zero and she's working as usual. Seemingly out of nowhere she tells me the migraines she has suffered with for years have disappeared. ( I didn't know headaches had been a problem for her )

The point is simple. Remove the nerve irritation and let the body do what it needs to do. Score another for Chiropractic!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Headache Treatment In Portland OR

Q: Why are there so many different headache pain relievers on the market?

A: I say because none of them really work long term.

Q: Would you turn off the fire alarm or put out the fire?
A: Too often, over-the-counter meds simply turn off the alarm while the proverbial house is still on fire.

Headache pain is a warning signal. It's telling you something is wrong NOT that you are running a quart low on Bayer / Tylenol / Advil. Check out our     Headache Relief     page or call us directly.


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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Headache Relief - A New Day For Portland OR

 Headache Treatment, Headache Relief

There is no real "Cure All" for all types of headache. We know there are different types of headache, different triggers and different headache treatments. Another thing we know... the spine has HUGE influence on weather a person gets headaches.

Understand, in the joints of your body, all of them, toes, knees, shoulders, but mostly in your spine, there are very sensitive receptors. When the joints of your body work the way they are supposed to, actual electricity is transmitted to your brain to keep it working. 

Changes in the way the your joints work, actually changes the way your brain works and very often causes different types of headache. Ever stub you toe so hard you get nauseous? Ever hit your "funny bone" and get pressure behind your eye? THAT's THE BRAIN!

Look at the picture to the right. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see how even small changes in the spine could certainly change how the nerves carry information to the brain and cause a whole host of issues; tension headache, cluster headache and yes... migraine headache.

If you knew a doctor who could relatively easily tell how YOUR brain was functioning  and one who knew how to appropriately stimulate and improve its function without nasty drugs... Might that be helpful?

Many of our patients used to suffer with big time headaches. The ones that forced them into dark, quiet rooms for 24-36 hours. The ones that kept them from being at their kid's game. The ones that made them miss work or at least sit at their desk wishing to just go home. 

I can't guarantee to what degree we will help you. I can guarantee we know this stuff, we've helped so many in the past and I'm confident we can help you too. 

Call me directly. If I'm not available the front desk will take your information and I'll get right back to you.

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